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5 Editing Tips to Speed Up Workflow

1 Organize before you edit  Logging and organizing footage is tedious in the short term, but once it’s done, it can save you so much time during the actual cutting stage of your edit. This seems like a no brainer to some, but for many, their footage logs are a mess of random timecodes and files that look exactly the same at first glance. This usually results in a lifetime of sifting through multiple names to find one 10 second piece of footage. (insert picture) When importing footage for film, I use the most basic system to organize now to spare headaches later. It starts with looking at each take for the clapper, and creating a folder for each scene. In each scene folder lives two folders: Video and Audio. In each folder, the scenes are marked as below with the scene number, shot letter, and take number. (insert picture […]