September 20, 2016

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Hellion Cold Brew Web – Spec (Branded)

Camera Operators: Matt Torres / Mikey Litchfield
Editing: Mikey Litchfield / Matt Torres
Music: “Containment” by Steve Lamore

Concept Brief: Shoot a lifestyle ad for an existing brand
Execution: Videography, Editing, Planning, Direction

“Moses: A Harriet Tubman Story” – Independent Film

Director: Matt Torres
Director of Photography: Milo Ortiz,  Kam Radiszewski
Producer: Matt Torres, Colin Parker
Editor: Corey Henderson, Matt Torres, Kevin Born

Concept Brief: A fugitive slave catcher pays the price for capturing one of Harriet Tubman’s Runaways

Execution: Location Scouting, Casting, Direction, Scriptwriting, Pre-Production Planning, Storyboards, Prop acquisition, Crew Procurement

“Go Penguins!” – Documentary
Director: Randy Caspersen
Videographer: Matt Torres, Kenny Lunn, Courtney Oakes, Becca Pearce

Concept brief: Go Penguins! is a documentary that follows a theatre troupe’s journey to produce a Broadway-style musical featuring children and young adults with developmental disabilities in lead and ensemble roles.

Execution: Extensive travel for subject matter, videography, interviews, audio

SEEK Conference – Branded Content (client)
Direction and Visual Design: Steve Quinn
Videography: Matt Torres

Concept brief: Create a video trailer to bring in guests and boost ticket sales. [Sold out event]

Execution: Field production, gear procurement, shot choices, steadicam operation, videography

Orlando Pena – EP Promo Video (Promotional)

Videography/Editing: Matt Torres

Concept brief: Create a video to promote the release of Orlando Pena’s music video.

Execution: Videography, Editing, Sound mixing

Frosty Faustings National Game Tournament – Branded Content (client)
Videography/Editing: Matt Torres

Concept brief: Create a fast paced, visual edit of the tournament to highlight previous year’s turnout and acquire new attendees

Execution: Tone, Motion Graphic, Music Choice, On-site Videography, Multiple Interviews, and Editing

IDLE – Independent Film
Director: Courtney Oakes
Producer: Myke Wilson / Julianna Leprich
Director of Photography: Matt Torres / Kenny Lunn

Langer Wedding 2015 – Client
Videography/Editing: Matt Torres

Keele Wedding 2015 – Client
Videography/Editing: Matt Torres

LifeHacks Pilot – Independent Web Series
Executive Producer/Videographer: Matt Torres

Concept: Create a short informative web series that reached a young crowd in an efficient way.

Execution: Script writing for each segment, gear procurement, videography, post production supervising, pace development and segment ideation Landing Page – Branded Content (client)
Editing: Matt Torres